Thursday, October 15, 2009

National Day of Miscarriage and Infant Loss...

I've been following Bring the Rain for a little while, and I'm amazed by the strength of this woman and what she has had to give up... But, ultimately amazed how the Lord has given her the strength to go through the loss she has experienced and to continue to live each day on that strength that He has given her... (Read the letter to her daughter - here)

(I copied this from Angie's post - pass it on to everyone you know)
If you have a moment, will you please click here to read about Wyatt's story and sign a petition on his behalf (and many, many other babies...). Tennessee will not declare his a live birth because of their laws even though he lived for two minutes. I don't agree with this, and don't believe they should classify this as "stillbirth." Please help have this law changed if you agree-you do NOT have to be a Tennessee resident to sign it.

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