Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010...

Christmas Eve night, when all is still and quiet...

and the last little child has drifted off to sleep...

Just a few hours later,
we were awoken by three little ladies
with bare little piggies...

But low and behold,
those 3 little gifts that were under the tree,
would cover the piggies
of those three little ladies...

(I've started a tradition of giving the girls new slippers
under their little tree Christmas morning)

My Christmas present this year ;-)

"I was a good boy this year...I promise..."

"Can I please have my present..."

The girls were having fun
with their little brother this Christmas!!!

Mom~mom and Pop~pop
making their morning rounds...

All of my parents 11 grandchildren!!!

Watkins family including my aunt, uncle and cousin

Grammy and her 9 grandchildren!!!

Happy New Year...Love the Crans'

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